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There are no prices on your catalogue?
Our catalogue is merely a guideline to what we can do. Every order is unique. We do prices according to specific designs and customer needs/wants. Therefore we cannot add estimated prices on our catalogue.
How much will you charge me for embroidery?
Our rate is R5 per 1000 stitches. This includes all consumables and labor needed to manufacture your item.
What kind of embroidery can you do, and on what can you do embroidery?
You think it, we'll create it, whether it's text, a logo, shape or picture. We place your design on anything you'd like. Terms & conditions apply.
What is digitizing and why must I pay for it?
If we don't have a logo/image/picture in a 'stitch out format' that you'd like to add on fabric, we will need to digitize the item. Digitizing is done with a software application that converts your normal logo/image/picture into a stitch out-file and sent to our machine in a format it will understand, making the embroidery possible. 
Our once-off rate is R150 for digitizing per item then you can use the graphic on whatever you'd like, as many times as you'd like. Terms & Conditions apply. You're welcome to supply us with a stitch-out file for your embroidery if we don't have it.
Who doesn't want to save some money and time, right?
What consumables do you use on my items?
We stock only Isacord and Colorful thread. Top-quality backing, Avlon, spray-on glue, and consumables are used in our manufacturing processes to ensure the best result and perfect finish.
After I paid, how long will I wait for my product(s) to be completed/delivered to me?
All work orders are placed in a manufacturing queue. Our service level agreement excludes delivery. You should wait no longer than 3-4 working days for an average-sized order. Excluding delivery time-frame.
Do you deliver?
We use Postnet and Courier guy for all our deliveries. We would happily book deliveries on your behalf. Courier fees apply. If you need your order to be delivered to you please indicate this before you pay for your quote. We recommend Postnet courier services, at an affordable rate of only R99 per parcel, and they usually deliver between 1-2 working days. Higher courier fees may apply to rural areas.
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