Our Story

The Embroidery Box was founded in 2015 originally known as Bella Embroidery. The home-based hobby venture gained traction systematically among the Company Founder's friends and family showing interest in the product.


The small home-based company gained a reputation throughout the years with innovation, the finest quality in embroidery and our passion to enable customers to add their ideas and art onto fabric.

To date, we cater anything from any small home projects to large corporate needs, special events like Christmas celebrations to those exciting birthday parties
for kiddies.

Elsabe's Story

Founder & CEO

Elsabe grew up with a passion for creating and designing. Her mother gifted her a small domestic embroidery machine at the time and she started experimenting with different ideas and designs.

She quickly found her way into the field of expertise with family and friends placing a wide variety of different orders. She gained popularity with her unique sense of creativity and adding ideas onto fabric.


The Embroidery Box started earning a reputation in the corporate environment with Elsabe's passion for baby sets and baby announcement apparel, kitchen products, and birthday gifts.

The Founder and CEO currently trade in Rustenburg, North West. She continuously seeks innovative ways to empower customers to make dreams a reality.

Chris was filled with the desire for designing, architecture & technology during his childhood life. He loved the technical aspect of things, and would often take things apart to see how it works.

In his early adult life, he developed an incredible interest in woodworking and spent his weekends and holidays designing and building different sorts of furniture. After he finished school he gained an interest in learning more about entrepreneurship and offering solutions to various challenges and problems in business environments.

He joined The Embroidery Box in 2018, formerly known as Bella Embroidery, adding a fresh perspective and style to business structure, marketing, administration, and all the technical bits.

The CEO currently trades in Rustenburg, North West. He is focused on adding their brand to every home and company across the world.

Chris's Story




The Embroidery Box intends to offer quality and innovation to every customer. We strive to serve the world, one customer, at a time

Enabling the customer’s ideas to be made a reality.


We strive in offering quality workmanship, attention to detail and a special touch of customer service, to provide the perfect end product money can buy. Enabling this we choose top quality consumables, the best-refined quality control system and a touch of innovation.


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